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"Blue Waters Call"is a collection of new music articulating the bond and the timeless link between sailors and the oceans, the seas, and the rivers that call to them in their dreams... "Come Home to the Sea...Come Home to Me". These songs go far, far beyond that old "yo-ho-ho blah-blah-blah" pirate-centric stuff of amusement park fantasy...forget all that. This is music and sung-poetry intimately describing the sailor's yearning, the Sea's calling, and the Water's Truth that draws certain of us down to the sea in our ships, or on our boards, or just to walk the beach for miles to drink it all in.

"The Saga of Shipwreck Key" - Robust sailor music reflecting the depths and moods of the sea – sometimes gentle and lulling, sometimes violent like “The Raging Main”…always blue, always dynamic, always calling… The Saga is a SEVENTEEN MINUTE (17 +) LONG event! It tells the six-part tale of a sailor's voyage through "The Raging Main" If you've ever been on the high-seas in a storm, or daydreamed about some Sailor Paradise  then you need to inhale The Saga of Shipwreck Key...like a deep draw of salt air (but hold your breath & hang-on through The Raging Main!).
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